Bruno Monnier

CEO of Culturespaces

Bruno Monnier founded Culturespaces in 1990 and has made it into one of the leading cultural operators in Europe.

Bruno Monnier

Bruno Monnier is the President and founder of the private company Culturespaces, which specialises in the complete management of historic monuments and museums, the creation of art centres and the production of classical or digital exhibitions. In 1990, he created Culturespaces, which, thirty years later, is the leading french cultural operator internationally.

He is CEO of Culturespaces, President of the Fondation Culturespaces.

>The French Ministry of Culture
Graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po), the Université Paris II Assas, and the HEC’s MBA programme, and, fascinated by the history of art, Bruno Monnier began his career in 1981 working for the Havas Group. In 1986, he joined the French Ministry of Culture, where he was responsible for the modernisation of the management of museums and monuments (the ‘Patrimoine 2000’ commission) and the reorganisation of the Château of Versailles. Entrusted to Bruno Monnier by Philippe de Villiers, the French Secretary of State for Culture and Communication, in October 1986, the ‘Projet pour Versailles’ mission led to the creation of an independent establishment—the Public Establishment of the Palace, Museum, and National Estate of Versailles—with a new visitor, promotional, and exhibition policy.

In 1988, he left the Ministry of Culture and established Culturespaces, as a consulting and cultural engineering department in Havas.

> Delegated management
In 1990, Culturespaces, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon model in which most of the historic monuments and museums are managed by private organisations, became a subsidiary of the Havas Group, Crédit National, and the Suez Group, which became Engie in 2008. Culturespaces advised local authorities, private owners, and State establishments on how to promote and manage their monuments and museums.
In 1990, he signed his first contract with the City of Avignon for the management of the Palais des Papes, which ended in 2000.

He was then successively entrusted with:
- the Castle of Les Baux-de-Provence by the Commune of Les Baux-de-Provence in 1993
- the Jacquemart-André Museum (Paris) by the Institut de France in 1996, which had been closed for three years, and which he renovated and reopened in 1995 as a venue for regular temporary exhibitions,
- the Château de Valençay by the joint association of the Château de Valençay in 1996 (until 2007)
- the Cité de l’Automobile (Schlumpf Collection) in Mulhouse by the Association pour la Gestion du Musée National de l’Automobile in 1999 (until 2021)
- la Greek Kérylos Villa in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, by the Institut de France in 2001 (until 2015)
- the Roman Theatre in Orange and the Musée Municipal in Orange by the City of Orange in 2002 (until 2022)
- the Waterloo battlefield in Belgium by the Intercommunale 1815 and the Walloon Region in 2004 (until 2013)
- the Cité du Train in Mulhouse by the Association du Musée du Chemin de Fer in 2004
- the City of Nîmes’ three Roman monuments (Amphitheatre, Maison Carrée and Tour Magne) by the City of Nîmes in 2005 (until 2021)
- the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence in 2012
- the Maillol Museum in Paris in 2016
- the Bassins de Lumières by the City of Bordeaux in 2018

He developed an efficient model for the cultural and economic management of cultural establishments, which prioritises visitor experience, does not receive public subsidies for operating costs, and provides funds for the restoration of buildings and collections.

> A Foundation for children who have little access to culture
In 2009, Bruno Monnier founded the Culturespaces Foundation, now the Culture for Children endowment fund, that combats social exclusion. Culture for Children promotes access to the arts and cultural heritage and fights against the cultural exclusion of certain children who are sick, handicapped, or suffering from poverty and social exclusion.
In 2022, Culture for Children welcomed around 13 000 children in Culturespaces’ venues.

> The restoration of a historical monument and the creation of an art centre: the Hôtel de Caumont
In 2013, he created a new cultural venue in Aix-en-Provence, the city of his youth: he acquired and restored a historic monument, the Hôtel de Caumont, and transformed it into an art centre, which opened its doors to the public in 2015. The Art Centre holds two temporary exhibitions every year and receives 350,000 visitors.
Today, the Hôtel de Caumont has become one of the major cultural establishments in the region.

In 2012, he is entrusted old quarries by the municipality of Baux-de-Provence where he creates the "Carrières des Lumières".

In parallel with his traditional activity of managing monuments, museums, and art centres, and organising temporary traditional exhibitions, Bruno Monnier decided to develop and create digital art centres in France and abroad, with immersive digital exhibitions.

> The creation of a digital art centre in Paris: the Atelier des Lumières
In 2015, he created its first digital art centre in Paris: the Atelier des Lumières, in a former foundry in the 11th arrondissement, which he entirely restored and refurbished. The art centre opened its doors to the public on 13 April 2018 with the immersive digital exhibition ‘Gustav Klimt’. It attracts more than a million visitors a year.

In 2017, he entered into a franchise agreement with the Korean company T-Monet, in order to create a new digital art centre on the Island of Jeju in South Korea: the Bunker de Lumières, designed with expertise by to hold its digital exhibitions. The digital art centre opened in 2018 and attracted 560,000 visitors in its first year. Then, under the same agreement, the Théâtre des Lumières opened in Seoul in 2022.

In 2018, Bruno Monnier and the Mayor of Bordeaux, signed a contract for the creation of a major digital art centre in Bordeaux’s former submarine base, which is called the Bassins de Lumières and will be devoted to immense immersive digital exhibitions. It is opening its doors to the public in 2020 and welcomes 100,000 visitors per month despite the pandemic.

In 2020, Bruno Monnier sign a 50/50 joint-venture agreement with the American group IMG-Endeavour to develop a major digital art centre in New York in Tribeca: the Hall des Lumières, which opens in 2022. He enters into a franchise agreement to open a digital art centre in Dubai, the Infinity des Lumières, opened in May 2021. Having failed to attract a public interested in art history, it had to close its doors in 2023.

In 2022, Bruno Monnier lauches the creation of a digital art centre in Amsterdam in the Cultuurpark Westergas: the Fabrique des Lumières.

In January 2023, Bruno Monnier opens his first digital art centre in Germany in Dortmund, "Phoenix des Lumières", which is located in the premices of an old steelwork.

Over the last thirty years, Bruno Monnier has turned Culturespaces into a company that employs 400 people which receives 5 million visitors each year. Culturespaces has become the leading private cultural operator in Europe and the leading French cultural operator internationally.

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture Bruno Monnier is Knight of the Légion d'Honneur and Knight of Arts and Letters.


The venues managed by Bruno Monnier, in conjunction with the venue managers and Culturespaces staff
- Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris
- Hôtel de Caumont – Art Centre, Aix-en-Provence
- Castle of Les Baux-de-Provence
- Carrières de Lumières, Les Baux-de-Provence
- Atelier des Lumières, Paris
- Bassins des Lumières, Bordeaux
- Fabrique des Lumières, Amsterdam
- Hall des Lumières in New York
- Phoenix des Lumières in Dortmund

Culturespaces partner "Des Lumières" sites
- Bunker des Lumières in Jeju (South Korea),
- Théâtre des Lumières in Seoul (South Korea)
- Atelier des lumières in Tokyo (opening 2026)


Sites being developed
- Port des Lumières, Hambourg (opening in 2024)


Exhibitions produced and held under the management of Bruno Monnier, in collaboration with Culturespaces’ Exhibitions Department

Traditional temporary exhibitions - created in conjunction with exhibition curators
> Bonnard et le Japon - 2024 - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Masterpieces from the Borghese Gallery - 2024 - Musée Jacquemart-André, Paris
> Mucha, Maître de l'Art Nouveau - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Max Ernst, Mondes magiques, mondes libérés - 2023 - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Giovanni Bellini - 2023 - Musée Jacquemart André,
> Yves Klein, intimate - 2022 - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence,
> Füssli, the realm of dreams and the fantastic - 2022 - Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris
> Raoul Dufy, a passion for colour - 2022 - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Gallen-Kallela, myths and nature - 2022 - Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris
> Treasures of Venice, the Cini collection - 2021 - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Botticelli, artist and designer - 2021 - Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris
> Zao Wou-Ki "Il ne fait jamais nuit" - 2021 – the Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> Signac and colour harmonies – 2021 – the Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris,
> Joaquin Sorolla, Spanish lights – 2020 – the Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence
> ‘Turner: Paintings and Watercolours from the Tate’s Collections’ – 2020 – the Musée Jacquemart-André, Paris
> The Alana Collection. Masterpieces of italian painting – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2019
> Hammershøi, the master of danish painting – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2019
> From Douanier Rousseau to Séraphine. The great naïves masters – Maillol Museum, Paris - 2019
> The Emil Bührle Collection – Maillol Museum, Paris - 2019
> Hokusai, Hiroshige, Masters of Japan - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2019
> Masterpieces from the Guggenheim Foundation. From Manet to Picasso, the Thannhauser Collection - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2019
> Caravaggio’s Roman Period. His friend and enemies – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2018
> Mary Cassatt, An American Impressionist in Paris – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2018
> Giacometti. From tradition to avant-garde – Maillol Museum - 2018
> Foujita, painting in the Roaring Twenties – Maillol Museum - 2018
> Nicolas de Staël in Provence - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2018
> Chagall, from black and white to colour - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2018
> From Zurbarán to Rothko, Alicia Koplowitz Collection – Grupo Omega Capital – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2017
> The Hansen’s Secret Garden. The Ordrupgaard Collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2017
> 21 rue La Boétie. Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Léger... - Maillol Museum - 2017
> Pop Art. Icons that matter. Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York – Maillol Museum, Paris - 2017
> Sisley, the Impressionist - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2017
> Botero : a dialogue with Picasso - Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2017
> The open-air studio – Impressionists in Normandy – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2016
> Rembrandt in confidence – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2016
> Is everything art? Ben at the Musée Maillol - Maillol Museum - 2016
> Turner and colour – Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2016
> Marilyn I Wanna Be Loved By You – Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2016
> From Giotto to Caravage. The passions of Roberto Longhi - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2015
> Florence Portraits at the Court of the Medicis - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2015
> Canaletto, Rome – London – Venice. The Triumpf of Light – Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2015
> Les Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein – Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Provence - 2015
> Désirs & Volupté – Victorian masterpieces - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2014
> From Watteau to Fragonard, les fêtes galantes - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2014
> Le Pérugin, Master of Raphael - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2014
> Canaletto – Guardi. The two masters of Venice – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2013
> Eugène Boudin - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2013
> Fra Angelico and the Masters of Light – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2012
> The Twilight of the Pharaohs. Masterpieces of the last Egyptian dynasties – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2012
> Rubens, Poussin and the 17th century artists – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2011
> The Caillebotte Brothers’ private world. Painter and Photographer – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2011
> Bruegel, Memling, Van Eyck... The Brukenthal collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2010
> From Greco to Dalí. The Great Spanish Masters of the Perez Simón collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2010
> Antoon Van Dyck - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2009
> The Italian Primitives. The Altenburg collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2009
> Africa Oceania. Masterpieces of the Barbier-Mueller Collection - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris, Paris - 2008
> Mesterpieces of the Weisman Collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2007
> Fragonard, the pleasures of a century – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2007
> Two centuries of French drawings of the museums of Weimar – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2006
> Artistes and Stars, by the photographers of Paris Match – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2006
> Gold of the Thracians, Treasures of Bulgaria – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris
> Man and his masks, Barbier-Mueller Collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2005
> David - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2005
> For Love of Art, Origins and secrets of Edouard and Nélie Jacquemart-André's Collection – Jacquemart André Museum Paris - 2004
> Treasures of the Napoleon Foundation, In the intimacy of the Imperial Court – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2004
> Larguillierre, Painter of the Grand Siècle – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2003
> Passion for drawing, Five centuries of masterpieces in the Krugier collection - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2002
> From Caillebotte to Picasso - Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2002
> Red & Gold, Treasures of Baroque Portugal – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2001
> The Italian Primitives – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2001
> Splendors of Ottoman ceramics from the 16th to the 19th century – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 2000
> From Poussin to Fragonard, Masterpieces of the Horvitz collection – Jacquemart André Museum, Paris - 1999
> Picasso at Palais des Papes – Palais des Papes, Avignon - 1995
> Botero in Avignon – Palais des Papes, Avignon - 1993

Immersive digital exhibitions
- Egyptian Pharaohs. From Cheops to Ramesses II
- Vermeer, The Dutch Masters
Chagall, Paris - New York
- Venice, from Canaletto to Monet
- Gustav Klimt, Gold in Motion
- Cezanne, the Master of Provence
- ‘Monet, Renoir…Chagall: Journeys Around the Mediterranean’
- Dali: the Endless Enigma
- Van Gogh: the Starry Night
- Picasso and the Spanish Masters
- The Fantastic and Wonderful World of Bosch, Brueghel, and Arcimboldo
- Chagall: Midsummer Night’s Dreams
- Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael: the Giants of the Renaissance
- Gauguin and Van Gogh: Painters of Colour
- The Orientalists. Ingres, Delacroix, Gérôme...
- Mondrian, the architect of colors
- Sorolla, Walk on the beach
- Kandinsky, the Odyssey of Abstraction
- Paul Klee, painting the music
- Yves Klein: Infinite Blue
- Hundertwasser: in the Wake of the Vienna Secession
- Gaudi: the Architect of the Imaginary
- Dreamed Japan: Images of the Floating World
- Flower Power
- Ocean Odyssey, the Immersive Adventure
- Cosmos Destination, the Ultimate Challenge
- Jimmy Nelson, the last sentinels
- Terra Magnifica
- Tintin, The Immersive Adventure
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Key dates


With Culturespaces, Bruno Monnier has international ambitions with the creation of digital art centers in Amsterdam, Seoul, New York and Dortmund.


Culturespaces is opening the Bassins de Lumières in the heart of Bordeaux’s submarine base, which will become the largest digital art centre in the world.


Bruno Monnier introduced an innovative concept when he held the first festival of immersive art in the Atelier des Lumières: the Immersive Art Festival (between 18 and 24 October 2019).


On 13 April 2018, Bruno Monnier launches his digital and cultural ventures with the opening of the Atelier des Lumières, Paris’s first digital art centre. Immersive digital exhibitions devoted to the greatest artists in the history of art are presented in the former foundry. In September, the City of Bordeaux entrusted Bruno Monnier with part of its famous submarine base, to create a new digital art centre scheduled to open in 2020.


Culturespaces consolidated its presence on the Parisian scène and presented its first exhibition in the Musée Maillol in September 2016, in the framework of a partnership agreement.


Culturespaces further developed with the restoration the opening of the Hôtel de Caumont and its gardens in Aix-en-Provence, a venue for cultural dissemination created from scratch by Culturespaces. It holds major temporary exhibitions devoted to the most important artists in the history of art, from the fourteenth century to the present day.


Culturespaces created the largest permanent multimedia installation in Europe devoted to art in the Carrières de Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence.


As part of his commitment to the democratisation of culture, Bruno Monnier established the Culturespaces Foundation, which implements programmes that enable underprivileged children to attend cultural events that they are usually unable to access.


Culturespaces decided to organise major cultural events in each of the sites with which it has been entrusted. Thus, the exhibitions at the Musée Jacquemart-André reached a new level with ‘Sir Anthony Van Dyck’ (168,000 visitors), ‘The Italian Primitives’ (150,000 visitors), ‘Bruegel, Memling, and van Eyck’ (240,000 visitors), ‘Fra Angelico and the Masters of Light’ (260,000 visitors), and so on.


Culturespaces produced the first 3D historical film, Héros de Nîmes, in order to inform the public about the city’s history, from antiquity to the present day.


The sites managed by Culturespaces were the first to offer visitors unique benefits: sites that are open every day of the year, free audio guides, activities for children, multimedia applications, restaurants and bookshops, family rates, and so on.